we are a service centric global strategy & communications consultancy headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

To effectively communicate, we
must realize that we are all different
in the way we perceive the world

& use this understanding as a guide
to our communication with others
Tony Robbins

sps - strategic
partnership solutions

we harness our global network of expertise, building partnerships & helping businesses to grow


we join ideas & connect countries, expanding the global outreach of our clients by developing results driven strategies


we have a natural understanding of the service centric industries & MENA, APEC & China markets

your chinese connection...

We specialise in making brands China relevant, helping businesses
to intelligently target the Chinese-speaking market with authentic
messaging, culturally appealing imagery and call to actions.

With a combined spend of around $254.6 billion,
each Chinese traveller spends on average more than
$2,000 USD on a single overseas
trip ($5,000 Dubai trip) with even higher budgets
among high-end travellers.

case study; chinese connection


Assisting Armani Hotels to built a much stronger presence on Social Media Platforms in China and tapping into new markets by creating a strong online portfolio.

strategy & implementation

  • Strategy: Create and implement a marketing calendar to launch a social media
    campaign on the two most influential Chinese platforms, Weibo and WeChat
  • Extensive research and reporting on gaps, best practices and content management
  • Creation and implementation of consistent posts, company blogs and seasonal calendar
  • Launch PR and promotion strategy

key results

  • Tripled the amount of Weibo Followers, Doubled the amount of WeChat Followers
    within 6 months of managing Armani’s Chinese Social Media.
  • Created active engagement with WeChat and Weibo communities
  • Successful implementation and management of a social media marketing calendar
  • Likely to further multiply amount of followers.

results driven strategies...

With a unique blend of experience in corporate, luxury hospitality
& consumer behaviour across the globe, we deliver localised,
results driven business development strategies; with a clear
actionable road map for precise application across channels.

case study; strategy


Assisting a Russian/UAE start-up with launching the UAE’s first online marketplace and community for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other HORECA businesses and suppliers.

strategy & implementation

  • Strategy: Quick launch and growth, tapping into existing, but disconnected online communities. End goal: “Be the Amazon of HORECA purchasing in the UAE”
  • Extensive market research and reporting on gaps, potential competitors and their
    activities, pain points, target audiences, sample messaging
  • Creation of the initial brand, brand playbook, brand platforms, content
  • Launch PR and creation of webinar series, company blog, and paid marketing strategy
  • Run PPC, SMM, and offline marketing and advertising campaigns

key results

  • Successful launch, over 500 restaurants and suppliers connected within the first month
  • Fast growth, launched “Circle of Trust” innovative payment solution, and direct,
    same-day deliveries using own, branded, vans.
  • Grew email subscribers to over 8,000 within the first 3 months
  • Grow number of quality leads five-fold in Q1 2021, with quality leads making up approx. 80% of all incoming leads

world-class digital engagement...

With no boundaries or borders in the digital age, our global outlook & cross-platform digital marketing expertise can help you reach new audiences to deliver business growth. From social media & reputation management to web design & SEO, we can help you stay ahead of the game across digital channels.

case study; digital engagement


After launching the website the main aim was to achieve online sales with limited daily budget.

strategy & implementation

  • Strategy for online sales was developed after analyzing competitors and product research.
  • Initial set target was set to get online sales and deliver right audience.
  • We created Ads, Placements and Audience based on products.

key results

  • Achieved online sales over £250,000 in the first year.
  • We were able to surpass the daily sales target and achieved set goals
  • Successfully implemented and managed Paid Search Campaigns targets
    and SEO goals.
  • Surpassing all online sales targets of £5000 per week within the first three months
    of joining the company and significantly increasing sales to over £20,000 per week through developing and implementing pioneering internet marketing strategies.

tailored hospitality solutions...

We specialise in hospitality, leisure & tourism management,
offering service providers a range of innovative services &
forward-thinking strategies that deliver results; helping to
attract, engage & convert audiences.

case study; hospitality


Complete concept development for the Cloud Restaurant Group in creation an authentic Chinese cuisine virtual brand.

strategy & implementation

  • Strategy: Tapping into the rapid growth of the food delivery industry to create a quick launch. With the end goal of being “The successful home-grown authentic Chinese Cuisine Delivery Brand”.
  • Extensive Market research into the Chinese take out market to identify gap, competitive landscape, identifying potential competitor in the market. The most popular dishes,
    average selling price, design of packaging, service duration refinement.
  • In developing the food offerings of the brand and produce sourcing.
  • Part-take in creating the initial brand, brand playbook, brand growth strategy.
  • Part-take into the kitchen design and equipment selection to meet the operation need.

key results

  • Successful launch with great market reception, with just under a month with
    achievement in reaching the Top 10 brand on Deliveroo platform.
  • Then further development into sub-brand Go! Noodle with a series of noodle
    bowl offerings.
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our services;

chinese connection

• Translation • Marketing strategy • Social media • Reputation management • Influencer & sponsorship management • Lead generation • Conversion optimization • Business liaison • Sourcing & logistics • Procurement


• Audits • Strategy • Branding • Social media
• Crisis management • Service quality

digital engagement

• Social media & reputation management • Inbound marketing • PPC • Media engagement strategy • Influencer & sponsorship management • Mobile apps • Web design, hosting & maintenance • Conversion optimization


• Concept development • Troubleshooting • Event management
• Sales representation• Service management • Revenue optimization
• Multi disciplinary task forces • Business liaison • Project management

meet the partner's;

a specialist team of strategists, delivering world class ideas

Peggy Li

Award winning Chinese Marketing strategist with over 20 years luxury hospitality executive-level management experience across Europe, Asia & the Middle East


Ahsan Ulhaq

Digital Marketing professional with extensive 17 years’ experience in online & ecommerce marketing including SEM, PPC, Conversion Tracking, CPC and CPM campaign management, social media, SEO, Affiliate, email marketing & web design.


Martin Kubler

GM turned hospitality & service consultant with over 20 years executive-level management experience in Europe & the Middle East


Fola Aiyedun

Over 15 years Fortune 500 consumer marketing experience across the Middle East & Africa


Svina Wong

Served as VP for China Arab TV & worked for the Dubai Initiatives for China business, with over 10 years experience in Project management in cultural and commercial sectors


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